iPhone SE shipping time

We ordered some iPhone SE on April 29th at apple.com. They arrived on May 18th. So the lead time is 3 weeks. If we order now, order page says “Available to ship:2-3 weeks”. So it should be delivered in early June.

Assisted Purchase at Flight Club

Flight Club is the world’s largest sneaker marketplace. They have stores in New York and L.A. While there are many fraudulent online sneaker stores, ordering here is very safe. Here is how to request assisted purchase using US Buyer App. In App browser, enter http://www.flightclub.com in address bar. (2) Search sneakers! (3)Select size. If Y […]

Buy Infocus Kangaroo internationaly

Infocus Kangaroo is Mobile Desktop you can connect to iPad and use iPad as Windows 10 machine. They are sold at Infocus, Microsoft Store and Newegg. They all don’t ship outside of USA. US Buyer’s assisted purchase service is convenient in these situation. Here is how to request Assisted Purchase Service using US Buyer app. […]

eBay Daily Deals

Here is how to request Assisted Purchase Service for eBay Daily Deals items. (1)Start US Buyer App. Write “http://www.ebay.com” in address bar. Daily Deals appears on top. Tap “See all” (2) Select item you want us to order for you. Today, we choose iPhone 5C 16GB. Please check the seller note “This is a B+ […]

Order SK8-Hi Slim shoes at Vans.com

Vans.com doesn’t ship to outside of USA. So you need assisted order service. Also they often cancel orders because the order include many items or shipping address is freight forwarders. We can order for you without those problems. Here is how to use US Buyer app to request order from Vans.com (1)Start US Buyer App. […]

BestBuy.com: Order from your country

Best Buy does not accept international orders. Also they don’t ship to freight forwarders. So you need assisted order service in the USA. We don’t use freight forwarder shipping address. Here is how to request order from US Buyer app. (1)Start US Buyer App. Write “bestbuy.com” in address bar and go to bestbuy.com . (2) […]