Buy at America’s amazon from outside of America in USA ships to other countries. But there are still many items they don’t ship. By using US Buyer app, you can request assisted order from your smartphone. You receive a quotation and pay. Then we order, receive the order and ship to you. It’s very easy. Here is how to use the app […]

Buy at from outside of USA is a Fashion Marketplace where people buy and sell in the USA. But they don’t ship outside of USA. US Buyer’s Assisted Purchase Service helps people outside of USA to buy items on Poshmark. Here is how to request Assisted Purchase Service at Poshmark using US Buyer app. (1)Start US Buyer App. Write “poshmark” […]

Buy iPhone SE at in USA

We bought some iPhone SE for our customers. Orders in early April arrived yesterday. If we order now, we get message “Available to ship:2-3 weeks”. We will show you how to request Assisted Purchase Service for iPhone SE. Please research if you can use U.S. version iPhone SE in your country before ordering. (1)Star US […], Order from outside of USA

America’s Harley Davidson site doesn’t accept orders from outside of USA. You can’t even access to US site from some countries. Here is how to request Assisted Purchase Service using US Buer app. America’s Harley Davidson store site’s is not smartphone friendly, so I use tablet instead of smartphone. (1)Start US Buyer App. Write “harley […]

NIKE Juvenate Woven Premium

NIKE JUVENATE WOVEN PREMIUM is like combination of shoes and sandal. Perfect for summer. Here is how to request Assisted Purchse Service at nike US site. sometimes cancel orders which shipping address is forwarder’s. We have no problem ordering at (1)Go to in app’s browser. If it shows your country’s nike site, […]