How to shop at Tradesy from outside of USA

Tradesy is preowned brand items shop with Authentic Guarantee. They have huge selection and the items arrive in beautiful box and dustbag.

You need purchase assistance to shop at Tradesy. US Buyer app is very easy to use Shopping assistance app. Here is how to use it to shop at Tradesy.

Shop assistance at (1)
Start US Buyer app and enter「」in address bar.
Shop assistance at (2)
Search items from huge selections.
Shop assistance at (3)
Tap translation button and you can read the description in your language.
Shop assistance at (4)
When you decided your item, tap camera button on the page. Enter item price and message (if any)
Shop assistance at (5)
Email program will satart and create an email with information to quote. Send the email and quote request is done.
USBuyer invoice (6)
We will send you a quote in one business day. After you pay the quote, we order, receive the item and ship to you.
Shop assistance at
Shop assistance at
Item arrive in great package.

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