How to buy Ichizawa Shinzaburo Canvas bags from U.S.A

Ichizawa Hanpu is famous for its craftsmanship and it has more than 100 years of history.
There is only one store and it is located in Kyoto, Japan. It doesn’t have an online store and basically you need to go to the store to buy their bags.
By using Purchase Assistant service of US Buyer, you can buy their famous canvas bags. Here is how to use US Buyer App.

how to use us buyer app 1


(1)Start app
ichizawa shizaburo canvas bag
(2)Go to official site

Go to

ichizawa shizaburo canvas bag
(3)Go to Product page

From Menu on right upper side, click “製品紹介” to go to products page.

ichizawa shizaburo canvas bag 
(4)Choose your bag

Choose bag you want to buy.

ichizawa shizaburo canvas bag 
(5)Capture item page
  • Tap Camera icon.
  • Enter price in Japanese Yen.  You can see approximate price in U.S. Dollar.
  • Write which color you would like.
  • Tap Quote Request button.
how to use us buyer app 6


(6)Send e-mail
  • e-mail program starts with your shipping address, item page and the captured image.
  • Send the e-mail and quote request is done!
  • If you see “Do you want to resize the imege?”, please send Actual Size image.  If the image is small, we can not see the item.
how to use us buyer app 7
  • After we received your quote request, we will make a quotation and e-mail to you in one business day.
  • Quotation will be e-mailed from  Please make sure that e-mail will not be in your spam holder.
  • If you agree with the quotation, please tap the invoice link and go to invoice page.  Go to MAKE PAYMENT.
  • After we receive payment, we place order for you.  Order arrives in about 2 weeks.

Buy at any store in Japan using Purchase Assistant App ↓

USbuyer free download
USbuyer free download

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