Order SK8-Hi Slim shoes at Vans.com

Vans.com doesn’t ship to outside of USA. So you need assisted order service. Also they often cancel orders because the order include many items or shipping address is freight forwarders. We can order for you without those problems.

Here is how to use US Buyer app to request order from Vans.com

Order at Vans.com 1 (1)
Start US Buyer App. Write “http://www.vans.com” in address bar and go to vans.com
Order at Vans.com 2 (2)
Browse and find item you want us to order. There are some “ONLINE ONLY” shoes.
Order at Vans.com 3

Please do not forget to select color and size.

Order at Vans.com 4 (4)
Tap Camera icon. Sub total and Message form appears. Enter Item amount and message (if any). Tap “QUOTE REQUEST”.
Order at Vans.com 5 (5)
E-mail program starts and create an e-mail with customer info, site info and the captured image.

Send the e-mail and requesting quote is done!
Invoice English iPhone (6)
We will send you a quotation in one business day. It will be e-mailed from delivery@hiveage.com. Make sure it will not go in spam folder.

If you aggree with the quotation. Tap link to invoice and tap “MAKE PAYMENT” on the top right in the invoice page. Please pay by credit card or Paypal or bitcoin. After the payment, we will place the order. Usually You will receive your order in 2 weeks.

Easy Assisted Purchase Service. Download App! ↓

Your buyer in USA US Buyer download

Your buyer in USA US Buyer download

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