I. Purpose

This terms and conditions is a legal agreement between us-buyer.com, Inc (we) and user (you) who use our services and web site.


II. Agreement

  1. This policy applies to all users who use our services.
  2. You are determined to agree to this terms and conditions when you registered at us-buyer.com.
  3. Rules written by us-buyer.com in this sites are part of Terms and Conditions. User agreed to those rules when they requested us-buyer.com services.
  4. User follows this terms and conditions in good faith.


III. Services

us-buyer.com offers the following services to it’s users.

  1. Forwarding service
    us-buyer.com receives packages which user ordered. We inspect, store, repack and ship to user.
  2. Personal shopper service
    us-buyer.com places order by user’s request. We receive, inspect, store, repack and ship to user.


IIII. Registration

You can register to become us-buyer.com user on this site after agreeing this Terms and Conditions and all the rules written on us-buyer.com site.


V. Right to refuse any user

us-buyer.com can refuse anyone to become an user by registration on IIII. We don’t need to explain the reason of refusal.

  1. When the user’s information seems inaccurate.
  2. When the user seems to use the site in bad faith.
  3. When the user seems to be the same user who has unpaid bill.


VI. User information

When user’s information such as address and phone# changes, user change them on this site accordingly.


VII. Unregister

If you wish to close your us-buyer.com account, unregister from My page.


VIII. Password

  1. User makes password during registration process. User can sign in us-buyer.com My page using the password.
  2. User manage the password securely and must not let third party to use the password.
  3. us-buyer.com is not held responsible for damage as a result of unauthorized password use.
  4. User notify us-buyer.com immediately when the password was unauthorized use.


IX. Requesting service

  1. User can not cancel service request after submitting it from us-buyer.com
  2. Contract between us-buyer.com and user is made when we send you a confirmation e-mail of the service request.


X. Forwarding service

  1. us-buyer.com receives package, inspect, store, and ship. Placing order is done by user.
  2. us-buyer.com does not pay for the order.
  3. Forwarding request is created for each order. In case of eBay, forwarding request is separated by each ebay seller. If forwarding request was not sent by user before package arrives, we may create forwarding order per package.
  4. We bill user forwarding commission after receiving package. User pays the bill promptly when received the bill


XI. Personal shopper service

  1. We place orders during our business hours.
  2. It may take a few days to contact the store.
  3. If we can not contact the store for a week, the request will be canceled.
  4. Personal shopper service request can not be changed or canceled once the request was submitted.
  5. We bill user the cost and commission after we received shipping confirmation from the store. User pays the bill promptly.


XII. Commissions

  1. Commission amount is written in bill in My page.
  2. Commission is subject to change.
  3. When we change commissions, we notify it on us-buyer.com site at least one month before it takes effect.


XIII. Payment

us-buyer.com accept the following payment mthods.

  1. Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB card).
  2. Paypal
  3. Bank transfer within Japan.


XIV. Billing

us-buyer.com bills it’s users by the following methods.

  1. When user’s payment method is bank transfer, we send bill by e-mail when ready to bill.
  2. When user’s payment method is credit cards, we charge the card when ready to bill. We do not e-mail the charge confirmation when we charge credit card.
  3. When user’s payment method is Paypal, we send bill by e-mail when ready to bill.


XV. Currency rates

When we bill in Japanese Yen, the currency rate is decided as the following timing.

  1. Forwarding service, when the request is created.
  2. Personal shopper service, when the request is created.

We decide the currency rate as follows.

  1. When payment method is bank transfer within Japan, the currency rate is based on Citibank TTS rate and we round up the first decimal point.
  2. When we purchase in non US dollar currency such as Euro, we calculate in US dollar based on the payment method we used such as Paypal and credit cards. We round up the first decimal point.
  3. We charge user’s credit card in US dollar. Currency exchange rates used to bill the user is decided by the credit card company and us-buyer.com is not responsible.


XVI. Payment deadline

  1. User must pay the bill within one week after billing.
  2. If bill for Personal shopper service was not paid within one month after billing, we will cancel the order and the user may be unregistered.
  3. If bill for Forwarding service was not paid within one month after billing, we may get rid of the item and the user may be unregistered.
  4. If storage fee was not paid for 3 times, we will get rid of the items and the user may be unregistered.
  5. If shipping fee was not paid within one month after billing, we will get rid of the items.


XVII. Late payment

us-buyer.com may charge 14.5% annual interest to late payments.


XVIII. Deposit and credit

Credit will be added when

  1. User paid when there is no unpaid orders.
  2. User paid more than current unpaid orders total amount.
  3. When paid order was canceled.

When deposited in Yen by bank transfer, the exchange rate is the deposited date rate on us-buyer.com site.
Credit will be automatically apply to the user’s next billed order.
When user requested refund of credit, we will refund by the same method as the original payment was made.


XIX. Inspection

  1. us-buyer.com opens all packages we receive. We check if the item is correct but we can not inspect in details such as
    – Power on electronics.
    – Inspect inside of products.
    – Play DVD, CD, Software and other media.
    – See if all parts are included (auto parts, toy parts, etc.)
    – Inspect if the item is authentic or not.
  2. We do not consider damage when product package is crush or tear.
  3. If item number on package matches, we consider it correct item.
  4. When user wants us to check something, the user needs to write in comment form in request form.
  5. When we find damage during inspection process, if it is forwarding service, we notify the user. The user have to contact the seller to solve the problem. Forwarding fee is still charged for damaged item. If it is personal shopper service, we will contact the seller to solve the problem. We will work with the seller to get replacement or refund. We will refund the amount we received from the seller to the user, but we still charge personal shopper commission. When the user paid insurance fee, we will refund full amount including commission in those cases.


XX. Shipping

  1. us-buyer.com is not responsible for problems such as loss or damage during shipping from the shipper to us-buyer.com warehouse.
  2. us-buyer.com is not responsible for problems such as loss or damage during shipping from us-buyer.com to user.
  3. Insurance only applies when the user bought insurance when requested shipping. Insurance covers up to the declared value.
  4. Insurance claim is processed by the importer.


XXI. Return and refund

  1. In forwarding service, user needs to arrange return such as get return number and return label. We still charge forwarding fee. In case we create shipping label, our shipping fee applies.
  2. In personal shopper service, return is according to the seller’s return policy. We arrange return. We still charge the commission.


XXII. Prohibited and restricted items

User is responsible for items to forward and import. us-buyer.com does not ship any item which is not allowed to ship or export by the United States laws. We also do not ship any item which is prohibited by the consignee’s country.


XXIII. User’s responsibility

User must keep the good contact information in us-buyer.com site. We are not responsible for any problem because of wrong information entered by the user.


XXIV. Banned conduct

The following conducts are not allowed when using us-buyer.com site and it’s services.

  1. Submit false information when requesting us-buyer.com services.
  2. Using false identity when requesting us-buyer.com services.
  3. Using us-buyer.com services for crime.
  4. Unlawful conduct.
  5. Interfere us-buyer.com’s operations.
  6. Any conduct to damage us-buyer.com and it’s users reputations.
  7. Any conduct which us-buyer.com considers not appropriate.


XXV. Compensation

us-buyer.com will seek compensation for damages caused by any user.


XXVI. Unregister

us-buyer.com has full discretionary power to unregister any user for any reason without notice. Some of the reasons for unregistration are

  1. Any conduct against this Terms and conditions
  2. When we consider it as in “XXIV. Banned conduct”
  3. When we found the user’s information is false.
  4. When user has bill not paid for more than 2 months.
  5. When user interfere us-buyer.com’s operations.
  6. When user used us-buyer.com site or services for criminal act.
  7. When we consider the user is not appropriate.


XXVII. Change of service

us-buyer.com can change part or all of its services. We are not responsible for loss to users caused by these changes.


XXVIII. Interruption

us-buyer.com are not responsible for loss to users caused by interruption of it’s site or services.


XXIX. Limitations of liability

us-buyer.com is not be liable to you (whether under the law of contact, the law of torts or otherwise) in relation to us-buyer.com site and it’s service for any indirect, special or consequential loss; or for any business losses, loss of revenue, income, profits or anticipated savings, loss of contracts or business relationships, loss of reputation or goodwill, or loss or corruption of information or data.


XXX. Indemnity

You hereby indemnify us-buyer.com and undertake to keep us-buyer.com indemnified against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including without limitation legal expenses and any amounts paid by us-buyer.com to a third party in settlement of a claim or dispute on the advice of us-buyer.com’s legal advisers) incurred or suffered by us-buyer.com arising out of any breach by you of any provision of these terms and conditions[, or arising out of any claim that you have breached any provision of these terms and conditions.