how to use us buyer app 1
(1)Start app
how to use us buyer app 1
(2)Find item
  • Find item you want us to order.
  • This is a regular browser so you can request from any store.
  • Favorite (star icon on lower right) includes Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping.
  • Add to favorite by tapping the star icon on upper left.
  • By tapping translation icon, you can read the page in your language (some pages don’t translate.)
how to use us buyer app 2
(3)Picture item page
  • On item page you want us to order, click camera icon.
  • It capture the item page.
  • If you need to select options such as color and size,  please select them before capture.
how to use us buyer app 3
(4)Enter shipping address
  • When you tap camera icon for the first time, you get a message to enter your shipping address.
  • Tap Menu icon (lower right) – “Shipping address”
  • Enter your name.
  • Enter your shipping address.
  • By entering Postal Code and tap “Search”, you will get your Provice and City.  Then complete the rest.
  • Tap “Save”
how to use us buyer app 5
(5)Quote request
  • Tap camera icon again.
  • Enter items price.
  • If you need more than one item, put them in shopping cart and capture the shopping cart page so that we can see all the items.
  • Tap “Quote request”
how to use us buyer app 6
(6)Send e-mail
  • e-mail with your information, item information and the image will be created.
  • Send the e-mail and quote request is done!
  • If you get message “Do you want to resize the imege?”, please send Actual Size image.  If the image is small, we can not see the item.
how to use us buyer app 7
  • After we received your quote request, we will make a quotation and e-mail to you in one business day.
  • Quotation will be e-mailed from  Please make sure that e-mail will not be in your spam holder.
  • If you agree with the quotation, please tap the invoice link and go to invoice page.
  • We accept Paypal, Credit Cards (through Paypal) and Bitcoin.
  • After we receive payment, we place order.
  • As soon as we receive the order at our warehouse, we ship to you!