How much is the shipping cost?

Please calculate at the following page.

How to use App

Background becomes blank when I tap “Quote request”

In Android version, if the item page has lots of information, when you tap “Quote request” button, the background becomes blank.
The image is OK, so please continue to send the Quote request.

US Buyer App gets blank

It doesn’t translate.

App uses Google translate. It can’t translate some pages because of the page structure.

I can’t access to some U.S. sites such as Coach.com and Abercrombie.com

Some sites don’t allow access from outside of U.S.A.
But there are some ways to access to those sites and request Assisted Purchase service.
This page explains how to do it.

How to shop at Amazon Japan?

You can request Shopping Assistant for Amazon Japan using US Buyer App. It is very easy. Just capture the item page and send a email. And you requested a quote.

how to use us buyer app 1
(1)Start app

Amazon Japan English Page

(2)Go to Amazon Japan

There is a English Page in Amazon Japan. URL is https://www.amazon.co.jp/ref=nav_logo?language=en_US

How to shop at Amazon Japan

(3)Search items

You need to search by Japanese. Use Google translate and copy and paste the word in amazon search box.

How to shop at Amazon Japan
(4)Quote request
  • Tap camera icon again.
  • When you tap camera icon for the first time, you need to enter your shipping address. Please see here.
  • Enter items price (Japanese Yen).
  • Change the currency in Menu’s Setting to $USD. You can see the approximate price in US$.
  • Write message if any.

How to shop at Amazon Japan

(5)Send e-mail
  • e-mail with your information, item information and the image will be created.
  • Send the e-mail and quote request is done!
  • If you get message “Do you want to resize the imege?”, please send Actual Size image.  If the image is small, we can not see the item.
how to use us buyer app 7
  • After we received your quote request, we will make a quotation and e-mail to you in one business day.
  • Quotation will be e-mailed from appe@usbuyer.com.  Please make sure that e-mail will not be in your spam holder.
  • If you agree with the quotation, please tap the invoice link and go to invoice page.
  • We accept Paypal, Credit Cards (through Paypal) and Bitcoin.
  • After we receive payment, we place order.
  • As soon as we receive the order at our warehouse, we ship to you!

US Buyer's Assisted Purchase Service

I haven’t received quotation.

We send quotation within one business day after we received quote request.
It will be e-mailed from delivery@hiveage. Please make sure the e-mail doesn’t go into spam holder.

I agreed with the quotation. How do I pay?

Please tap invoice link in “Quote from US Buyer e-mail”.
Tap “MAKE PAYMENT” on the invoice page. We accept Credit cards, Paypal and bitcoin.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Usually it is about 2 weeks. But it is longer depending on your shipping address.

Can you buy from Japan?

Yes! We have a partner in Japan so we can buy at any store in Japan for you.