Black Friday 2016, Started Already

Black Friday in USA 2016 is 11/25 (Fri), but it already started at many stores. Here is a list of some stores. Use US Buyer app to order from USA Stores from smartphone. eBay WalMart Under Armour

How to buy items at Coach / Abercrombie U.S. Official site from Hong Kong

When you access or from Hong Kong, you will be directed to their Hong Kong sites. If you could see U.S. official sites, there are items or sales which are not available in Hong Kong. Here is how to see the official sites and buy items. You can do all these from Smartphone […]

How to buy iPhone SE Model A1723 at Apple store USA from Hong Kong

There are 3 models of iPhone SE. A1662 (USA) A1723 (Other countries) A1724 (China mobile) You can use A1723 in Hong Kong (1O1O and CSL, 3, China Mobile Hong Kong, SmarTone). In US, Sprint is A1723. You can buy A1723 SIM-free at US apple stores but not online, only at the actual stores. Usbuyer goes […]